Passport application requirements and fees

Applications for Passport renewals and replacements can now be lodged with the Fiji High Commission, London. The processing time is 3 weeks to allow for postage and return by courier from Fiji. In this respect, Fiji passport holders are now required to send their completed applications directly to the address below either by courier or registered mail:

Registered Mail

1. Fiji High Commission
34 Hyde Park Gate
London SW7 5DN

or alternatively [if sending directly to Fiji];

2. The Director
Immigration Department
PO Box 2224
Government Buildings

Courier Service

The Director
Immigration Department
969 Rodwell Road

Ph: 3312672
Fax: 3301653

Ph: 3312622
Fax: 3331093

Applicants are to ensure that all relevant sections on their respective application forms are filled in correctly and that their left thumb print and specimen signature are set out properly in the accorded spaces. It is imperative that a person of good standing in the applicant’s community, preferably a Notary Public, witnesses the application and the three (3) required photographs for a normal application or six (6) for lost passports, which should be recent.

Further note that fees for passport renewals lodged at the Fiji High Commission are as follows:

£70.00 passport renewals

£30.00 Courier service to Fiji Return

£10.00 printing of passport photo e-copy if emailing application.

Payment details will be emailed once the application is received at the Fiji High Commission.

For those Fiji nationals applying for replacement passports they are to submit a police report and a local newspaper advertisement notifying the loss of their passport together with their respective application forms.

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Passport application requirements and fees
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