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Fiji has two international airports - Nadi, the principal gateway and Nausori, near Suva.

Customs at international airports

Fiji Customs operates a Dual Channel System - the Red and Green Channels - for expeditious clearance of air travellers.

  • If you have any prohibited or restricted goods, or dutiable goods exceeding your duty/VAT free concessions, you should seek Customs Clearance at the Red Channel.
  • If you do not have any prohibited, restricted or commercial goods, or dutiable goods exceeding your Duty/VAT concessions, you should proceed through the Green Channel.

Note: Your baggage may be examined by Customs whether you take the Red or Green Channels. If this occurs, you will be required to open and repack your baggage.

Dutiable goods

Fiscal duty and VAT are levied on all goods in excess of concessions. Fiscal duty rates vary depending on the goods, whereas VAT is uniformly applied at 10%. VAT is applied on a base which includes the value of the goods plus any fiscal duty payable.

Duty/VAT free concessions

A bona fide passenger finally disembarking in Fiji is entitled to the following DUTY and VAT free concessions:

  • Dutiable goods accompanying passengers (other than alcohol and tobacco products ) not exceeding $F400 in value
  • The following goods which are owned by passengers and are not intended as gifts or for sale:
  • Personal Effects
    Household effects for returning residents ( must be used for 12 months prior to departure ) or intending residents.
  • Articles taken out of Fiji on departure on which duty and tax have been paid

The goods should not be for sale and must be accompanied at the time of final disembarkation by the passenger. Alternatively, the passenger purchases the goods immediately after final disembarkation in Fiji.

Each passenger of 17 years or more may also bring the following goods into Fiji, duty and VAT free, provided they are accompanied and are not for sale:

  • Alcohol - 2 litres of alcohol liquor, or 4 litres of wine, or 4 litres of beer, or any combination that does not exceed the prescribed limit for any one item.
  • Tobacco products - 500 cigarettes, or any combination of tobacco products up to 500 grams net weight.

A Baggage Declaration Form is to be filled and signed by the bona fide passenger in the case of unaccompanied luggage.

Departure tax

Visitors to Fiji are required to pay $20.00 departure tax in Fijian currency following check-in. Children under 12 are exempt.

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