Repatriation of Human Remains

Prior consent is required for shipment into Fiji of human remains. Consent will be obtained through the process below from the Doctor in Charge of health and quarantine services at the Nadi International Airport (telephone (679)-672 2362: fax 679 – 670 0563).

Process to get approval

The Shipper or Funeral Director will have to liaise directly with the airline from point of origin (i.e. local airline). The above will request the Airline for space and further provide information on the cause of death; age and all necessary certificates regarding the human remain.

The airline will then liaise directly with the International carrier in this case Air Pacific or Air New Zealand in Los Angeles. The International carrier will subsequently liaise with their counterpart in Fiji or the Air Terminal Services (handling agent) to get an authority for the human remain to be transported into Fiji. The carriers will advise Air Terminal Services the cause of death, age including the incoming flight details of the deceased and also phone contact of the consignee.

Air Terminal Services will then advise the Health Authority in Fiji on all information pertaining the deceased. The Health Authority (which is the Doctor on Duty at Nadi International Airport) will in turn approve permit or reject the above entering the country. ATS will also contact the consignee for the deceased to ensure the above is collected on the day of arrival.

Requirements from the Funeral Directors
The remains must be accompanied by a certified copy of the death certificate and a statement by the local health authority at the place of death stating that the decedent did not die of a contagious disease. There also must be a notarised statement by the embalmer stipulating the embalming process and a notarised statement by the local health authority at the place of death that the embalming was carried out in accordance with standard US/EU procedures.

The embalmed remains must be placed within a hermetically sealable container or casket, which in turn must be placed within an outer box constructed entirely of wood.

If the remains arrive in an unsatisfactory state, they will not be cleared through customs and health inspections and entry into the country will be refused. The casket remains will be returned to the point of origin at the sender’s expense.
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Repatriation of Human Remains
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