Work Permits

The policy on work permit is as set out below:
  • the Immigration Department will consider applications for work permit on merit on a case by case basis;
  • the "key posts" usually reserved for the investor's choice are not required to be advertised;
  • the "time posts" or specialist positions are not required to be advertised when an investor is establishing his/her business but they must be advertised before the work permit renewal can be considered;
  • work permits to small scale farmers will not be granted;
  • work permits to straight machinists in garment factories will not be granted;
  • applications for work permit from garment factories for the employment of specialist machinists (eg. loom machinists) will be assessed carefully and approved only in exceptional cases, and where approval is granted, the ratio is to be 1:10, i.e for every expatriate specialist machinist granted a work permit, the company/factory concerned is to employ at least ten (10) local specialist machinists;
  • temporary, short or long term work permit will not be granted to a person who is already in Fiji on a visitor's permit. Anyone who is already in Fiji on a visitor's permit and intends to apply for any kind of work permit should leave the country before the application can be accepted;
  • anyone intending to apply for a temporary, short or long term work permit should do so from outside Fiji;
  • where there are multiple shareholders in a project approved by the FTIB, the number of work permits granted to the foreign shareholders to allow them to manage their investments in the Fiji Islands will be based on the following formula:

    Amount invested by the foreign shareholders
    $50,000 = * Number of "key post" work permits granted to the foreign shareholders

  • This number should not exceed the number of shareholders in a project;
  • where there is a single investor, the minimum foreign investment for the investor to qualify for a "key post" work permit is $50,000.00;
  • employers are required to provide either cash or bank bond as security for each employee before any work permit is issued;
  • the amount of cash or bank bond will be equivalent to one way economy class airfare to the permit holder's country of residence plus $500.00 to allow for increases in airfares and to meet other associated costs, e.g. departure tax and the cost of local transportation. The rates for each country are available from the Immigration Department.
Applications for work permit must be accompanied by the following documents:
  • where applicable, a clipping of the advertisement in the local newspapers;
  • the name (s) of the local understudy/counterpart and details of a training programme for the training of a citizen(s) of the Fiji Islands in the work for which the application for a work permit is made;
  • police reports in respect of the applicant and his/her spouse from their countries of citizenship and/or residence where they have lived for twelve (12) months or more in the last ten (10) years;
  • medical reports which are less than 3 months old in respect of the applicant, his/her spouse and children;
  • a certificate from a competent authority or documentary evidence acceptable to the Director of Immigration that the applicant has adequate knowledge of the English language;

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