Resident Permits


The government has reviewed the policy on residence permit. The new policy is as set out below:

  • The principal applicant must be at least 60 years of age and carry health insurance;
  • The principal applicant should have an assured income and should not seek employment in the Fiji Islands;
  • The principal applicant must deposit a sum of $ 100,000,00 in a resident account of a local bank upon approval of the application;
  • If the principal applicant has purchased a property in the Fiji Islands, the sum of F$100,000.00 may be waived, however, documentary proof of the purchase and value of property is required;
  • An additional F$30,000.00 for a family of two (2) or F$40,000.00 for a family of up to five (5) members must be deposited annually in the resident account of a local bank; and
  • The permit holder must obtain clearance from the Immigration Department for any repatriation of funds out of the country before the application is considered by the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

The new policy takes effect immediately and will also apply to applications already received but not processed.
Director Immigration

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